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Автофорум / Nissan Murano Years To Avoid and Causes (Explained)

Регистрация: 21.02.24
Сообщений: 31
Пол: Мужской
оставлено: 28.02.2414:59
When considering Nissan Murano Models, there are certain years that may warrant caution due to reported issues. For instance, the 2003 model year faced criticism for its transmission problems, with owners citing issues such as rough shifting and premature failure. Similarly, the 2009 Murano had its share of troubles, particularly concerning the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), which was prone to failure and required costly repairs or replacements. These issues stem from design flaws and inadequate durability testing, leading to concerns about long-term reliability and driving experience. It's advisable for prospective buyers to thoroughly research and perhaps consider alternative model years with better track records for reliability and performance.

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