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Семья и брак / Ghost Gate-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

Регистрация: 21.09.22
Сообщений: 11
Пол: Мужской
оставлено: 21.09.2210:06
"It's not that I'm arrogant, madam," said Taiji Zhenjun. "With my skill, I've been poisoned by his'invisible madness. 'After you see him, what will you do if something like the'Rose Blood God' happens?" "Xuanyi Nvxia" turned pale for it. " "Tai Chi Zhen Jun" added: "Not only can you not get revenge, but if you are used by her again..." "Then you told me not to take revenge!" "That's not what I mean. As the saying goes, if you can't bear small things, you will mess up big plans. With the courage of your blood, it's not enough to succeed, but more than enough to fail!" "What do you mean?" "This should be discussed in the long run!" "Let me think about it!" "Madam, please think twice!" "Xuanyi Nvxia" was silent and thoughtful. Wang Wenqing suddenly asked the "Rose Blood God": " 'Rose Blood God', I ask you..." "Go ahead!" "Who can solve this'invisible crazy poison '?" "The ghost old man." "Besides him?" "There is no second person!" "When will this'invisible crazy poison 'break out?" "Once an hour, each attack will reduce the power for five to ten years, and after three attacks, the whole body will be exhausted and die." Wang Wenqing shivered and said, "Are you serious?" "Not bad!" This remark not only frightened Wang Wenqing, but also frightened "Tai Chi Zhenjun". He couldn't help blurting out, "So, we only have two hours to live?" "Not bad." This made people tremble,wire mesh decking, and Wang Wenqing and "Taiji Zhenjun" were shocked on the spot. "Rose Blood God" said coldly: "However, you can not die!" "What can I do?" Asked Wang Wenqing. "Go and find my master." The ghost old man is'! ". "What, looking for him?" "Yes, ask him for the antidote!" "What if we don't look for him?" "Die!" Wang Wenqing stood on the spot. "Taiji Zhenjun" suddenly said to Wang Wenqing: "Wang Wenqing, there are only two ways now!" "What way?" "One is to die, the second way is to live, in my opinion,asrs warehouse, we might as well go to the'ghost old man 'to get the antidote!" "What did you say?" "Go and beg him for the antidote so that he won't die!" Wang Wenqing smiled coldly and said, "I didn't expect that to come out of your mouth. Go and find him." "And you?" "I, Wang Wenqing, won't look for him even if I die of poison!" "You want to die?" "Yes, I tell you, I will not bow to the'ghost old man ', bow my head, even if I die, do you understand?" "Tai Chi Zhen Jun" suddenly laughed and said, "Well, you have backbone. I'm not wrong about you. Yes, even if we die of poison, we won't bow to him. I'm just testing your personality." When Wang Wenqing heard this, heavy duty metal racks ,drive in racking system, he was suddenly enlightened. The other two "ghost men" also fell to the ground. It was only in a flash that Wang Wenqing shot straight at the door of the huge building. Between a few vertical fall,heavy duty cantilever racks, has been in front of the gate, but see the building is old, the iron gate is rusty. jracking.com

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