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Семья и брак / What to do if you dress like a man who accepts the text -- Yuqin style

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The emperor looked at the three of them, after all, from beginning to end, the three of them did not seem to have any special attention to each other, so the emperor had to worry. Mo Yetao: "No!" Xiao Yue: "No!" Su Zijun shook his head and took a very indifferent look at General Mo Yetao next to him, as well as Major General Xiao Yue, "I have no opinion either." After the end, Su Zijun went home with his father and mother, while the other two parties, General Mo Yetao and Major General Xiao Yue, also returned to the army station, and did not cultivate feelings with Su Zijun, who might become their partner, as His Majesty said. As for the emperor said at least three months of time to cultivate feelings, General Mo Yetao, Major General Xiao Yue both just ask for leave to return to the imperial capital to stay, in fact, did not invite Su Zijun to go out to cultivate feelings. General Mo Yetao did not do so because he had a Beta lover of Class A. They could not be combined, which was against the law of the Empire, so General Mo Yetao never participated in pheromone matching, and this time he was added because Su Zijun was the only Omega of Class 3s. He's only best for the Empire if he's with a 3S-rated Alpha. General Mo Yetao was forced to take part in Su Zijun's pheromone matching, but before the final result came out, General Mo Yetao kept breathing, fearing that he was the one with the highest matching degree. Fortunately, there was someone else with the highest matching degree, even if this person was his good friend and subordinate who he was afraid to avoid, he still breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and secretly rejoiced. That's why he never invited Su Zijun out to play. He has something in his heart. How can he cultivate feelings with him. In this regard, he even did not hesitate to put his powerful subordinate Major General Xiao Yue, as long as half a year's vacation. However, Major General Xiao Yue did not know what kind of stimulation he had received when he was a child,endless swim spa, and he was afraid to avoid Omega from childhood to adulthood. Not long after Su Zijun deleted the information, Major General Xiao Yue had already arrived outside Su Zijun's house. Two two-tailed sky foxes 6 The arrival of Major General Xiao Yue made Su Zijun's father, Tong Mianyi, very happy,endless swimming pool, which meant that his son was going to get married. Although his son has a high level of mental strength, he also has a high degree of matching with General Mo Yetao and Major General Xiao Yue. But to live as a couple, you still need feelings to feel better. monalisa.com

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