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Семья и брак / Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155746

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Пол: Мужской
оставлено: 21.09.2209:53
"In the capital of the dead, strangers are not allowed to enter. If you trespass into this capital, your soul will die!" The handwriting on the scrolls suddenly flashed through Chen Feng's mind. He murmured softly, and a strange feeling came to his mind. According to an ancient Chinese legend, the shadow marks the boundary between man and ghost. People, no matter where, the shadow will always accompany around, even if there is no light around, people can not see him, he will still be attached to the feet of people, accompany themselves. But the ghost is different, he has no shadow, even if he can be ever-changing, killing people in the invisible, but always can not give birth to a shadow, this is also a lot of myths and legends, those who have a way, celestial saints, the only way to distinguish between people and ghosts. But now, although the capital of the dead is dark, it can still let people distinguish things around, but the shadow at the foot has been unconsciously, quietly disappeared at the foot of Chen Feng. How did this happen? Chen Feng raised his feet, the body in situ hurriedly rotated a few circles, but still did not find their own shadow, the heart suddenly raised a trace of doubt: "Am I already dead?" Giving birth to this idea, Chen Feng also startled himself, and in his heart he was very angry. Ah Just as Chen Feng was thinking, a loud scream rang out. Chen Feng hurried to look at the voice, but saw the voice shaking lightly. The color of panic flashed through his beautiful eyes. A black shadow was slowly breaking away from the foot of the voice and walking slowly towards the distance. The shadow was the shadow of the voice. Me, my shadow is also leaving! The same thing happened to Wang Simiao. Chen Feng hurried to look at Wang Simiao, but saw the shadow of him, and slowly broke away from his body and walked toward the depths of the capital of the dead! "You can't let the shadow go!" Chen Feng suddenly gave a loud cry, although he did not know why he shouted so, but intuition told him that the shadow left the body, is not a good thing! After a loud shout, Wen Qing and Wang Simiao looked at Chen Feng at the same time. It was obvious that they did not know how to stop the shadow from leaving, but Chen Feng could not control anything else at this time. He strode after Wen Qing and Wang Simiao's shadow. Shadow, seems to have consciousness,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, after hearing Chen Feng's cry, rushed forward like crazy, at the same time the feeling of danger came again, a blurred figure appeared in front of Chen Feng like a ghost, a sound of breaking the air came fiercely, Chen Feng was frightened to wave his hand toward the figure, a golden awn suddenly rose, but heard a boom, the figure disappeared, Chen Feng even retreated several steps! At the same time, Wang Simiao and Wenqing also rushed to chase their own shadow, but they were also attacked by the inexplicable enemy. This delay, the shadow has disappeared into the crowd, disappeared without a trace, and Chen Feng three people also have no choice but to retreat to the unconscious nameless body, lest something, suddenly attack him! "Boss, boss, I, what are we going to do?" Wang Simiao is already in a mess at this time, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, although he has a body of cultivation, but also by this unknown situation, make restless! What happened to you After leaving the capital of the dead, Wenqing's mood stabilized a lot,304 Stainless Steel Coil, although she still had some melancholy shadow problems, but still immediately saw Chen Feng's strange expression! "Hurry up and wake up the nameless. I'm afraid we don't have much time to stay here!" Chen Feng was livid, slowly got up and looked toward the capital of the dead. sxthsteel.com

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