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Юридические вопросы / Start Ecommerce Business License in India

Регистрация: 25.11.21
Сообщений: 6
Пол: Женский
оставлено: 25.11.2116:41
E-commerce is a business strategy that allows people to buy and sell products and services through the internet. To establish a business, you don't need to rent a store, furnish it, or prepare a lot of other things. With e-commerce, all you have to do is apply for online company registration, obtain GST registration, and you're ready to sell your goods and services online. In comparison to offline enterprises, it saves money and reaches a larger number of people.

People in India are becoming increasingly digitally savvy. Everyone wants to shop online rather than visiting to a physical store. Due to competition and low conservation costs, there are many options available online to compare with, and prices are also lower than the original offline businesses.

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